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Information for people fleeing Russia.

Not every Russian aggrees with the war. Some people are prosecuted for their opinions and activism. This website is meant as a source of information how to get them to safety.

This website is mainly focused on information about Czech republic. For more general info, check this document in Russian:

It is not easy to stay in Czech republic for russian citizens right now. We are gathering info about other countries at the moment..

Practical information

  1. Leaving Russia

    • What if I am detained?
    • What documents do I need to leave Russia?
    • What if I don't have an international passport?
    • How to get a Visa with which I will be let into EU?
  2. Entering EU

    • Does Czech republic issue any visas for russians citizens? (edit)
    • Which visas can I get from some other country?
    • Which EU countries still provide Schengen visas to russian citizens?
    • Can a person with Schengen visa move freely in the EU?
    • How do I ask for Schengen visa?
    • Can I stay in Czech Republic for 90 days if I have Schengen visa?
  3. Stay in Czech republic

    • Did Czech republic stop issuing visa for russian citizens?
    • What are the other options?
    • Permanent residence permit for humanitarian reasons
    • Humanitarian asylum
    • I have a family connection to Ukraine - does it help?
    • Illegal stay
    • Who can I contact for help with the visa request?
    • Is it easier to stay in other EU countries?