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Stay in Czech republic

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Did Czech republic stop issuing visa for russian citizens?

🚫 No, but it is severely restricted. Czech republic no longer accepts visa and permit requests on its embassies abroad. The only two exceptions are:

  1. Request for short term visa given on behalf of a family relative who is a citizen of Czech republic or other EU country
  2. visa that is granted for the reasons that politically benefit Czech republic; this request is granted personally by the Minister of Foreign affairs

The only place in Russia that issues those requests at the moment is the Czech embassy in Moscow.

The Schengen visas for russian citizens are currently not issued for Russian citizens. You need to request the Schengen visa some other EU state than Czech republic.

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What are the other options?

The other options are:

  • permanent residence permit for humanitarian reasons
  • humanitarian asylum

Permanent residence permit for humanitarian reasons

Person does not need to meet conditions of previous continuous residence in the territory.

The permanent residence permit is granted for humanitarian reasons, in particular:

  • if he is the asylum seeker's husband and the marriage was entered into before the asylum seeker entered the territory
  • if he is an asylum seeker's child or a child who is dependent on the asylum seeker's care, unless he / she applies for asylum, or
  • if he was a citizen of the Czech Republic in the past

How long can I stay?

The foreigner's residence permit is issued for a period of 10 years.

Can I work?

Foreigner can work, here are options:

Can I travel?

A valid permanent residence permit allows you to stay both in the Czech Republic and in other countries of the Schengen area. The maximum period of stay in the Schengen area outside the Czech Republic is limited to ninety days in any six-month period.

Humanitarian asylum

You can only ask for asylum on the territory of Czech republic.

The asylum is granted for humanitarian reasons, in particular:

  • persons fulfilling the condition of humanitarian reason - especially with regard to high age;
  • also persons particularly severely handicapped or ill,
  • from areas affected by a humanitarian disaster, whether caused by human or natural factors, etc.

You can also ask for international protection. Those are valid reasons:

  • persecution for exercising political rights and freedoms
  • legitimate fear of being persecuted on the grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group or for holding certain political opinion.
  • real risk of suffering serious harm in your country of origin

Asylum may also be granted to selected family members of the asylum seeker.


How long can I stay?

Asylum is granted for an indefinite period.

Can I work?

Asylum seeker can work after 6 months of requesting the asylum, but they need a work permit.

What is the process?

As an applicant, the person is first accommodated in a “reception center”, which they may not leave without permission.

During the application procedure, the person may subsequently reside in a residential center which they may leave. They can also find other accommodation at their own expense.

If a person has been granted asylum, they may move freely within the territory of the Schengen States if they fulfill the conditions for entry and are not on the national list of undesirable persons of the State to which they are traveling.

If a person travels to their country of nationality or origin, this may be a reason to initiate the procedure for withdrawing the granted asylum.

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What are the children rights? Do they receive education in the asylum process?

All children can attend primary school in the Czech Republic, even those who are staying in the Czech Republic illegally.

Children who are staying in the Czech Republic legally can attend secondary schools and Universities.

Are families of asylum seekers separated?

No, if a person was granted asylum, his or her family members (spouse, minor child or, in the case of a minor child, parent) can apply for asylum as well on the ground of reunification with a family member.

I have a family connection to Ukraine - does it help?

What if the russian citizen lives in Ukraine?

This depends on their residence status. The Council of European Union adopted an implementing decision introducing temporary protection. The temporary protection will be granted also to nationals of third countries, who were in Ukraine under international protection or equivalent national protection, and also those who can prove that they lived in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit and who are unable to return in safe and durable conditions to their country.

The russian citizen is married to an ukrainian person. Does it make a difference?

Yes, the temporary protection is provided also to family members of Ukrainian nationals residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022.

Illegal stay

In theory you can get the Schengen visa from another EU state, travel with it to Czech republic - and not leave after 90 days. This is illegal.

What are the dangers?

The person may be fined and an administrative expulsion will be ordered.

Can the person be returned to Russia if they choose this route?

In case of illegal stay in the Czech Republic, a decision will be made on administrative expulsion. This decision will terminate the foreigner's stay on the territory and set a period of time when the foreigner has to leave the territory and a period of time during which the foreigner cannot be allowed to enter the territory of the EU Member States. If a person is an asylum seeker, he or she cannot be returned to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion (please review the specific rules as excemptions may apply).

Who can I contact for help with the visa request?

We are building a list of contacts. Right now those agencies are offering help:

BROŽ BROŽ VALA advokátní kancelář s.r.o

  • contact person: Karla Kratochvílová
  • email:

Is it easier to stay in other EU countries?

It may be easier. Check the 4th article in our info section.

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