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How can I help?

We are looking for following volunteers!

ℹ️ Information gathering

This person should monitor the current legal situation (both in the EU and Czech republic) and provide updates - the last and the most accurate legal information.

Providing links (or other “rough content”) would be enough - the content creator can edit it to fit the needs of the website.

  • ✅ ideal for lawyers or people skilled in emmigration policy

✏️ Content creator

This person will transform the information to content published on the website - either as an edit of the info section ( or as an article (

🔍 Fact checker

We would send this person all the content to be published to verify, if everything is correct.

This is especially needed, as nobody from the core team has any experience with law, visas or asylum requests.

  • ✅ ideal for lawyers or people skilled in emmigration policy

🌐 Translator

The information gathered might be in Czech, English or Russian. All of the info should be published in English and Russian on the website.

☎️ Volunteers

At times we will have tasks that do not require a specific skill set, just some free time and being eager to help. Those tasks could be such as:

  • to manage the digital community
  • to call an office/institution/embassy and ask them a pre-prepared list of questions
  • be a point of contact to people in need

If you're interested in any of those, please let us know at